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Outdoor Front Access LED Display

Front Access LED Display means the LED module, power supply, and other spares could be removed from the front side of the panel. When we do the installation or maintenance for the regular LED display, usually we need to access the back of the panels. However, sometimes there is no such space in the back of the screen, so we need front access design. With front access design, we could do the installation or maintenance in front of the panel. This product is usually used in Truck Trailers, Scoreboard and Digital Out of Home (DOOH).

front access led display

What's the difference between our outdoor front access and traditional outdoor front access?

 Front service led display

Traditional Front Access Design

LED panel

Premteco Front Access Design

The Traditional Front Access Design

As the picture shows we can see that the traditional front access design "front flip open type" or "hinged open type" is very heavy, and it can only be made with one-cabinet-height screen size, so they are not convenient to do the maintenance.

Premteco Front Access Design

Compared with the old type, our new design front access series have more flexible installations. One of the good things with this design is we could install the screen as high as we want, and the screen can also be seamless splicing. And we can do all the installation or maintenance on the front side. The cabinet of our FA2 and FA2 Pro use iron or aluminum material with only 98mm thickness and 28kg/panel weight.

Why our front access design LED display is your best choice?

Front service led screen

To fit more sizes of screens, we have developed these two types of LED display. FA2 series has 320mm x 320mm module size except 250mm x 250mm and FA2 pro is 1ft x 1ft module size. They have the advantages as below:

IP68 Waterproof Design

Our FA2 & FA2 pro series has IP68 waterproof and dustproof. No dust and humidity could affect the LED module (Many other suppliers used IP65 design, and the LED module will get many problems in a few months because of the dust or humidity).

Higher Brightness

Most of front access products in the market only has 5000nits. We use high quality customized SMD LED and new technology of superior PCB design for our products. And the brightness reaches more than 10,000nits. With the ultra-high brightness, refresh rate, and gray scale, the visual performance of the screen is unexceptionable in sunlight.

No Need of Ventilation and Fans

Others' front access LED displays will use fans for heat dissipation. But when the fans are running, they will also bring dust and humidity inside the cabinets, which will seriously affect the life span of the screen. Our cabinet is used fanless design, so it is much more reliable.

No Need for Air Conditioner

Our FA2 doesn't need air conditioners even if the weather temperature is up to 55 degrees. That is because the LED modules and power supply are not in the same compartment, so the heat generated from the power supply won't affect the module and the heat from the LED module will get the power supply overheated neither. Meanwhile, the LED module back is left in the open space, and the power supply has a direct attachment to the metal case, so both of them can be cooled down quickly by the natural wind.

Front service led wall

System connection

Front access screen
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